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Anyone can use good wood to build a building (incidentally, the quality of Dutch Barns' materials surpasses most building code requirements by a significant margin). The Dutch Barns difference comes from their commitment to astounding customers and building products that last. The relentless attention to detail and, quite simply, caring are the heart and soul of what separates them from the field. In a day when other companies view "customer satisfaction" as a somewhat elusive end goal, Dutch Barns begins each job with a passion for your satisfaction and distinguishes itself by striving to meet and surpass your expectations. In fact, they will be quick to tell their customers, "We don't just want you satisfied, we want you to be astounded!"

4 Key Details To Look For In A Quality Storage Building

The Floor

Floor strength in a storage building is paramount to an enduring structure. Customers love the fact that they can pile their Dutch Barns full of treasures and not worry about it withstanding the rigors of excessive weight. The floor support capacity of a Dutch Barns building is clearly superior to most buildings on the market. All floor framing is pressure treated (won't prematurely rot out). The plywood underlayment decking is tongue and groove which provides for a uniform, strong surface. Even though the floor decking is rated for the spacing of floor joists at 20", Dutch Barns spaces them at 16" for an extra boost in strength. Under the floor joists, Dutch Barns uses a 4x6 pressure treated timber (instead of industry standard 4x4) which, again, adds tremendous additional strength to the floor. But that's not all. At the time your building is set up, Dutch Barns installs the supporting piers under the building in such a way that floor strength rating is increased even more (see "Delivery and Setup - Setup"). You may never bother to look under your building, but you will enjoy the worry-free usage and enduring quality of a structure that holds its shape for many years.

The Wood

Above the floor, each Dutch Barn is framed with spruce - a stable, clean-looking, quality wood that is resistant to twisting and bowing. Spruce is structurally strong which will keep your Dutch Barn from warping out of shape. Incidentally, all Dutch Barns are framed free of interior obstructions which allows for easy installation of insulation, paneling or drywall, should you so desire. Even without interior finishing, a Dutch Barn looks good because of its wood . The standard exterior siding is pre-primed Duratemp fir, trimmed with pre-primed Duratemp trim - a great combination for long-term durability and rustic charm - two big reasons why customers love their Dutch Barns.

The Fit

This is where Dutch Barns gets really picky and demands the most from its craftsmen. The great emphasis on straight lines, tight fits and proper alignment results in an unmistakable "crispness" to the overall appearance -- a sharpness which Dutch Barns considers its real specialty compared to other builders. Attention to these details is why Dutch Barns buildings clearly excel.

The Hardware

Dutch Barns are made with heavy-duty, weather-resistant hardware throughout, including the ornamental T-hinges that provide very strong support for the doors, preventing them from sagging or dropping. There's a smoothly operating, lockable (keys are included) heavy duty door latch which can be opened from the inside, as well as out. The hardware, like everything on your Dutch Barn, is guaranteed.

More Than Meets The Eye

At Dutch Barns we are committed to giving you "the best barn for the buck". All the details that go into making our products (including those that go unnoticed by most) help to ensure maximum use from your building for many years, not to mention that it makes it a lot easier on us to support our exceptional warranty. Take the caulking, for example. It's easy to spot on all Dutch Barns buildings. However, some of the most important places we caulk aren't so visible - behind and between various panel joints and along the bottom edge of the siding on the exterior of the building. But caulking alone doesn't ensure maximum endurance - the type of caulk is critical. Which is why Dutch Barns uses a more expensive polyurethane sealant on the exterior of their buildings (surpasses the industry standard 30-year caulk in terms of adhesion, flexibility and durability).

Delivery and Setup

Standard Delivery

Standard delivery and setup included in the base price for buildings and gazebos up through 12x20 begins with the building constructed at Dutch Barns manufacturing workshop and then delivered by roll-back flatbed truck to your site, where it is then leveled and installed, ready to use. Sometimes obstacles at the home of the customer make this impossible: fences, basketball posts, trees, lot size and other restrictions. If in doubt, contact your local Dutch Barns store. We will be happy to send a Dutch Barns team member out to your site for a no-obligation, no-charge lot check. The general rule of thumb is to allow for an area of passage 2' wider and 3' higher than the building you are considering.

Build On Site

The build on site process begins with various components pre-cut and broken down into small sections at Dutch Barns manufacturing workshop, then delivered to your home or office and carried by hand to the building site, where it is assembled and finished. For buildings and gazebos larger than 12x20, build on site is standard procedure and included in base price. For smaller buildings and gazebos that are not accessible by our delivery truck, build on site is offered as an option (labor charge priced separately). 


Whether standard delivery by truck or built on site, your building will be leveled and set up on piers of concrete blocks. Starting with the highest point of your ground, your building will be installed on a 4" thick solid concrete block. From there, the building will be leveled to whatever height the slope of your ground requires (All blocks and leveling materials are including in base prices for piers up to 3' high. Check with Dutch Barns team member for questions you may have about extreme situations. We have set up buildings from the coast to the mountains.) Dutch Barns setup is according to building code. Whereas the common industry practice is spacing piers 8' apart on "runner" (usually two to four floor supports that run length of building), Dutch Barns follows a rigid, self-imposed guideline of 5 ½' maximum spacing between piers. Additionally, Dutch Barns uses a double base block on all inside piers which adds to the incredible strength and stability of a Dutch Barns floor - more useful life for your building. Dutch Barns also offers tie-downs with anchor package as an option which, if selected, are installed at time of setup. In some areas, building codes require tie-downs, while some customers choose them as added security. (A Dutch Barns team member can answer most questions about your specific area.)


While Dutch Barns does not require a building permit to construct your building, many towns, cities and counties do. Even though there is a nationally recognized uniform building code, interpretations of the code may vary widely from one area to another. For more information on how the building code specifically applies to you, contact your local building inspections department or ask a Dutch Barns representative - they will be happy to provide you with the necessary information



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