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Designed to look like the windows of your house, Dutch Barns' standard windows are available in three sizes: 14w x 27h (small), 24w x 27h (medium), 24w x 36h (large). Your choice of white or bronze will compliment any color scheme. Three opening positions, removable screens, water-tight and weather-tight, can be built into any size or style building. Dutch Barns also offers special order for most any custom window.


Standard and custom sizes available, all cedar or Duratemp construction, shutters can be used on any size window to give warmth and added dimension. Also available in vinyl.


With the addition of pegboard, you can dramatically increase storage efficiency. Great for keeping loose items off the floor and easily finding those hand tools that often get lost. Functional and attractive, this option adds that one thing you will never again want to be without.


From 2' to 40', or any length in between, these smooth, all-wood work surfaces are a must for transforming your building into a work area of any kind. Strong enough to support most any tool, Dutch Barns workbenches can be built into any style structure. Custom designs available.

Stain/ Paint

Dutch Barns can add the finishing touch of protection and beauty to your building with stain/ paint. Choose from a wide variety of solid color stains/ paints. One-color, two-color or multi-color color combinations are available to make the building attractively and uniquely yours.

Ridge Vents

Available in any length, ridge vents help keep your building cooler by allowing the hot air to escape. Unlike the older generation, unsightly rooftop vents, Dutch Barns uses a shingle-over style of vent which perfectly complements any roof. (Ridge vents are not to be confused with gable-end vents which are standard in all Dutch Barns buildings.)

Cupolas/ Weathervanes

For that distinctive look, consider adding a cupola or weathervane to your building - or both. With various sizes and many designs to choose from, weathervanes can be installed directly to the roof of your building or tastefully added to accent your cupola. Made with high quality, premium exterior woods, Dutch Barns cupolas are a beautiful enhancement that will add a touch of class and charm to your building for many years. Visit the Dutch Barns store nearest you for a complete selection of weathervanes to choose from.


Lofts are best utilized when installed in a Barn Style building. Available in 8', 10', or 12' widths and depths ranging from 2' to 24', a Dutch Barns loft is great for tucking away bulky or seasonal items and for getting things off the floor and out of the way. Strong, heavy duty construction allows for high capacity storage.

Vinyl Siding

Dutch Barns can build your building to perfectly match the vinyl siding on your home. Many customers choose this option just for its maintenance-free qualities. With a wide selection of high quality vinyl to choose from, Dutch Barns is sure to have the right color and texture for you. Vinyl siding is available for most styles and sizes. For further details, contact a Dutch Barns representative.

Electrical Wiring

Dutch Barns offers 110 circuit wiring package with upgraded G.F.I. circuitry protection in standard and customized configurations. Add recepticles, standard lights and even shop lights to transform your building into a workspace designed uniquely for your needs.

Flower/ Window Boxes

These attractive and fully functional flower boxes are available in small or large sizes. Choose from cedar or vinyl. Dutch Barns can also customize to your design or to fit different window configurations.

Decorative Doors

An alternative design to the standard doors, these add a quaint cottage effect and can be ordered for any size or style Dutch Barn building.


All wood construction, sizes ranging from 2' to 40', Dutch Barns shelving can be put anywhere at any height and in any quantity you want. Heavy duty bracing is standard. Great for organizing your building and getting smaller items off the floor.


Dutch Barns' ramps feature heavy duty construction and pressure treated solid wood materials. Available in a variety of sizes (widths and lengths), this addition makes your building more accessible.

Other Custom Options and Features

Nearly endless possibilities, some of our other popular choices are pet door installation (Dutch Barns can even build a pet house inside your storage building), raised walls for more overhead height, additional doors, and custom framing to accommodate special windows, air conditioners, etc.

Build On Site

Can't access your desired building location with a delivery truck? No problem. Dutch Barns' build on site option allows for your building to be put most anywhere you would like it - even in hard to reach areas. (Build on site construction is included with some of our larger building packages - ask a Dutch Barn representative about details.)



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