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A Dutch Barns Gazebo for Just Your Style

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The ultimate structure to transform any landscape into beautiful outdoor sanctuary, Dutch Barns offers a wide variety of quality custom built gazebos in many sizes and numerous styles, ranging from the classic Octagon gazebo to the Oval and Rectangular gazebos. True to the Dutch Barns trademark, no cheap shortcuts and attention to detail are standard fare in the construction of all Dutch Barns gazebos. Assembled with galvanized nails and screws for maximum strength and durability, Dutch Barns uses pressure treated #1 grade lumber that’s been kiln dried before AND after treatment (kiln drying after treatment is a premium process which keeps your structure from the excessive shrinking and cracking that you'll find in most decks, gazebos and other outdoor structures). Dutch Barns gazebos can be painted, stained, clear-coated or just left to gray naturally. Although Dutch Barns gazebos come standard with #1 grade western red cedar shingles, customers may choose from a variety of other roofing materials, as well.

The Possibilities...

Dutch Barns offers screening for your gazebo so you can enjoy cool summer nights without the company of insects. With the installation of vinyl four-track windows, you can even use your gazebo as a great three-season retreat!  Consider adding benches as a way to increase utility and charm. Dutch Barns offers custom construction to tie your gazebo in to existing landscaping and decking (great way to enlarge and enhance your entertaining area). For those tough-to-get-to areas where your site isn't accessible with a truck, Dutch Barns offers build-on-site option for gazebos. Ask a Dutch Barns representative for details or for a free, no-obligation site check.

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Gazebo sizes, styles, features and options can be quite overwhelming. Dutch Barns recommends contacting one of its representatives for clarity and to simplify the process.

Octagon Gazebos

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When most people hear the word "gazebo", this is the original classic design which comes to mind. Dutch Barns Octagon Gazebos come in 8', 10', 12' or 14' diameters (other custom sizes available). All Octagon Gazebos include a roof-top cupola (except the Charlotte Supreme, which comes standard with a finial).

Oval Gazebos

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A twist to the original, the Oval Gazebo is a great alternative for someone who loves the elegant look of the Octagon but wants more space. Dutch Barns Oval Gazebos range in sizes from 8'x14' up to 12'x24' with many sizes in between. 

Rectangle & Square Gazebos

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With the added square footage of the full corners, this gazebo is the ultimate in space. Dutch Barns Rectangle and Square Gazebos are available in sizes ranging from 8'x8' to 12'x24' (many rectangle and square sizes in between). 

Cedar Gazebos

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Nothing compares to the character and rustic charm of a cedar structure. Dutch Barns can build your new gazebo completely out of cedar. Dutch Barns uses a #1 grade of western red cedar, which has few and tight knots (improved structural integrity). Although cedar wood is naturally very durable and long-lasting, a water sealant (clear or tinted) or stain may be added to protect and enhance the beauty of the wood. 

Vinyl Gazebos

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Dutch Barns Vinyl Gazebos offer the strength and beauty of our traditional wooden gazebos but are virtually maintenance-free. No need to spent time sealing, staining or painting, as the durable vinyl material will not fade, crack, rot or peel. Vinyl has become a popular choice for busy homemakers who want their gazebo to retain its fresh, crisp new look for years to come. Vinyl gazebos are available in white or ivory.

Dutch Barns vinyl gazebo floors are made from a composite decking material that has an incredibly authentic wood grain finish you will love. No sealing, staining or painting necessary, which saves you time and money. The floor decking is also environmentally responsible as it is made with recycled materials. There are three colors to choose from: Cedar, Redwood and Cape Cod Gray.

Like the other gazebo styles, fiberglass/asphalt shingles and western red cedar shakes are available roofing options, but for a completely maintenance-free choice, Dutch Barns recommends a rubber slate shingle for added style and a lifetime of beauty. Specifically designed and engineered to be an improvement on real slate, the rubber slate weighs and costs less but retains the attraction and longevity of real slate. 



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"Much appreciation for the building crew! At the end of the one day of construction (!!!) my yard was as tidy as the day before - as if the beautiful gazebo had appeared by magic. WOW! The construction and detail of the gazebo itself still continue to amaze me - at a price that fit so nicely in my budget."
-Susan Boyd

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