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Basic Barn

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An efficient, no-frills design primarily for floor storage.  The right choice when economy is paramount.  You can order the Basic style "as is" or with any of the options Dutch Barns has to offer.  Even though this model is the fundamental barn, it comes with the same 100% guarantee that backs every Dutch Barns structure.

Dutch Barn

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This is THE original Dutch Barn, built in the same style as the classic dutch barns throughout the United States a century ago.  The "peak" and "ears" of the roofline and the proportions of roof to door are what most people think of when they conjure up the thought of a classic dutch barn.  Yet, this building is every bit as practical as Dutch Barns' more modern designs, fitting beautifully in the backyard or garden of both traditional and modern homes.  No other storage building available can quite match this classic Dutch Barn. 

Standard Barn

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A variation of the classic Dutch Barn model, the Standard Barn was designed by Stan Gingerich for customers who needed more overhead storage and higher wall space.  The result has become a best seller because it adds a practical advantage to the traditional Dutch appearance.  Even though you will see the Standard design used by other manufacturers, rarely, if ever, will you find one with the detail and quality found in every Dutch Barn model. 


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This model was created in 1987 in response to customer requests for a different, "non-barn" look with more wall space possibilities – more room for windows, additional shelving, or more space to hang things.   The Highwall is versatile and adapts well to everything from basic storage to highly finished office or studio space.  Yet, the Highwall retains the easy charm of all Dutch Barns structures, reminiscent of an earlier age when the beauty of a building rested not only in its design but also in the careful execution of its details. 


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This style starts with the basic structure of a Highwall and then adds an oversized overhang on the front side and includes decorative doors for added warmth and character.  While most buy this one for it's charming good looks, some love it for the added protection against the elements.  The large overhang is also perfect for sheltering an outdoor potting workbench. 


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The unique styling of the offset roof line gives this building a charming elegance that would enhance any backyard or garden setting.  Great for all-purpose storage and many other uses, various options can transform this structure into the perfect workshop or garden center. 


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Looking for a more modern look?  The steeper pitched roof and architectural shingles fit in well with the contemporary styling of today's newer homes.  Because of the added height, each Windsor is constructed on site.  Dutch Barns' trademark attention to details is easily recognized in the eye-catching structure. 

Raised Wall Standard Barn

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For maximum storage, this one can't be beat.  This style combines the wall height featured in our Highwall Barn with the large overhead storage space found in the Standard Barn, making this high-capacity building very versatile and well-suited to a wide variety of uses.  All Raised Wall Standard Barns are constructed on site (transportation by flatbed truck is not possible because of overall building height).



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